The GreenServe Carbon Neutral Hosting Difference

Carbon Neutral Hosting in Quandong

As a great step towards an environmentally friendly and economical way of hosting business websites (including those in Melbourne North West, whilst providing our clients with the highest level of service, speed, availability, and reliability, fills a growing niche.

Having been successfully hosting our website design and Website design and application development business clients' websites on our low-contention, high-speed web servers located within a multi-homed data centre on the Australian mainland (at Brisbane Technology Park) for many years ... it occurred to us that we could start setting an example for other hosting providers by offsetting the power used by our servers and their related cooling systems.

As the costs for offsetting these emissions turn out to be quite reasonable, our costs for green, carbon neutral website hosting are comparable to (and in many cases lower than) other non-green, high quality hosting services across Australia.

Carbon offsets providers:

"Carbon Neutral" provides the carbon offset credits for our hosting. Even if you decide not to host your website with our green website hosting packages, we encourage you to support Carbon Neutral.

All of our region customers who choose any of our green hosting packages can also choose to display an icon on their website displaying that their website is one of the growing number of sites that are helping to minimise their effect on the environment by carbon offsetting their website hosting.

A note on being Carbon neutral and Carbon Offsetting

Please remember that environmental change takes time. The sequestration of carbon by way of planting trees (i.e. the carbon offsetting process) occurs during the projected lifetime of the trees that are planted.

Trees planted are estimated to take up to 100 years to sequester the CO2 with the majority of sequestration anticipated in the first 30-40 years (Source: Carbon Neutral Product Guide). That's why it's important to take action now and offset your website's carbon footprint with carbon neutral, green website hosting.

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